Bio Mass Pellet Plant Machinery

Bio Mass Pellet Plant Machinery

Biomass pellet plant fully adopts mechanical driven. It connects a series pellet processing equipments together to realize continuous pelletizing with easier operation and higher pellets yield.

The biomass pellet plant is able to process a great many of biomass raw materials, such as woods, wood shavings, sawdust, EFB (palm kernel), coconut shell (coconut husk), coconut tree, bagasse, straw, rice husk, coffee husk, grass, etc. Less land space, saving, wide application range.


Depending on our years of experience, we divide biomass pellet plant into 3 types:

The complete 0.5-10ton/h biomass pellet plant (with ring die pellet machine) from chipping to packing is CE certified by SGS.

A complete biomass pellet plant, from biomass raw material processing to final packing biomass particles, includes crushing, drying, pelletizing, cooling and packaging processes. We break down the process into three parts:

  1. Material handling system (including wood chipper, hammer mill, dryer)
  2. Granulating system (ring die pellet machine)
  3. Packaging system (cooling and packaging)