Full Circle Hammer Mill

Full Circle Hammer Mill

PMI'S Hammer mill is basically an all purpose grinder which can be used for grinding wide range of feed stuff Such as Oil cakes, Extraction meal ,Broken rice, Roots, Dry herbs, Oat, Hulls, and maize. The matter to ground is subjected to the beating action of Hammers until is reduced to the fineness necessary to pass thorough the sieve .Hammer mill is constructed for high speed continuous grinding.lt consist of a Fabricated body. The grinding chamber is usually formed by a series of steel plate’s buildup on a shaft and separated sufficiently to allow the beaters to be mounted between them upon transverse spindles or pins with pass through the beaters are made from mild steel (hardened). The rotor is dynamically balanced and mounted on two self aligned bearing. The grinding chamber and the motor are directly coupled and arm mounted on a common base frame vibration dampers are provided to check all sorts of vibrations occurring due to the running of the machine.





Drive Requirement


PMI -150

1 TO 1.5 TPH

15 HP


PMI -250

2 To 3 TPH

25 HP


PMI -450

3 To 5 TPH

40 HP


PMI -600

5 To 8 TPH

60 HP



8 To 10 TPH

75 hp


PMI -1000

12 To 15 TPH

120 hp


Above mentioned production capacity based on 4 mm diameter size of hammer mill screen